Jennifer Ann Frey

Curriculum Vitae


University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, 2013-present

University of Chicago, Collegiate Division Assistant Professor of Humanities and Harper Schmidt Fellow, 2012-13


University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Summer 2012

Dissertation: “The Will and the Good” Supervisor: Michael Thompson Committee: John McDowell, Kieran Setiya, Stephen Engstrom, Anselm Mueller

Indiana University, Bloomington, B.A., magna cum laude in Philosophy and Medieval Studies; minor in Classics, December 2000.

Areas of Specialization

Action, Ethics, Metaethics, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion

Areas of Competence

Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Art



  1.  Self-Transcendence and Virtue: Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology (edited with Candace Vogler), Routledge, 2018.
  2. Practical Wisdom, under contract with Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2022.
  3. Practical Truth: Essays on Aristotelian Themes (edited with Christopher Frey), under contract with Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2022.


  1. “Vision, Attention, and Practical Wisdom” forthcoming in Practical Wisdom, edited by Jennifer Frey, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2022.
  2. “Anscombe on the Voluntary Character of Negligence,” in festschrift for Anselm Mueller, Routledge, forthcoming 2022.
  3. “On Possessing Oneself: The Moral Psychology of Temperance,” in Neglected Virtue, edited by Glen Pettigrove and Christine Swanton, Routledge, 2021: 208-230.
  4. “Revisiting Modern Moral Philosophy” Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, edited by Anthony O’Hear, May 2020.
  5. “Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and the Good,” Ergo 6 (39) 2019: 1121-1148.
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  7. “Happiness as the Constitutive Principle of Action in Thomas Aquinas” Philosophical Explorations, Volume 22 (2), April, 2019.
  8. “Against Autonomy: Why Practical Reason Cannot be Pure,” special edition of Manuscrito, edited by David Horst and Sergio Tenenbaum, 41 (4), 2018: 159-193.
  9. “Aquinas on Sin, Self-Love, and Self-Transcendence,” in Self-Transcendence and Virtue: Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology, edited by Jennifer A. Frey and Candace Vogler, Routledge, 2018.
  10. “How to be an Ethical Naturalist” in Philippa Foot on Goodness and Virtue, edited by John Hacker-Wright, Palgrave MacMillan, 2018, 47-84.
  11. “G.E.M. Anscombe on the Analogical Unity of Intention in Perception and Action” (with Christopher Frey), Analytic Philosophy, 58:3, September 2017, 202-247.
  12. “Critical Notice: The Capacious and Consistent Mind of Elizabeth Anscombe,” International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 24:2, March 2016, 252-262,
  13. “Was Leibniz an Egoist?” in The Journal of the History of Philosophy, vol. 54, no. 4 (2016) 601-624.
  14. “Analytic Philosophy of Action: A Very Brief History” in Philosophical News (7), November, 2013, 50-58.

Works in Progress

  1. “Practical Knowledge and Double Effect”
  2. “On Doing the Truth”
  3. “Rethinking Clarke’s Rationalism”
  4. “Virtue 40 Years After Virtue
  5. Action, Virtue, and Human Goodness [book manuscript in progress]

Book Reviews

  1. Review of Kevin Flannery, S.J. Action and Character According to Aristotle: The Logic of the Moral Life, The Thomist, forthcoming.
  2. Review of David McPherson, ed., Spirituality and the Good Life: Philosophical Approaches, Philosophy, 94 (2), 2019: 347-351.
  3. Review of James Doyle, No Morality, No Self: Anscombe’s Radical Skepticism, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 9.29.2018
  4. Review of Julia Peters, ed., Aristotelian Ethics in Contemporary Perspective, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 13 (3), 2016.
  5. Review of Eric Wiland, Reasons, Ethics, 126 (1), October 2015.
  6. Review of Stephen Brown, Moral Virtue and Human Nature: A Defense of Ethical Naturalism, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 17 (2009), pp. 758-762. 

Fellowships, Awards, and Grants

  1. Project Member (5K), “The Art of Understanding,” Templeton Religious Trust.
  2. ACPA Outreach grant, 4.8K
  3. Humanities Grant, Office of the Provost (10K), “Action, Virtue, and Human Goodness.”
  4. Co-PI of grant ($2.1 million), “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life, John Templeton Foundation, 2015-2017
  5. Associate Member, DFG Netzwerk grant, “Praktisches Denken und Gutes Handeln,” 2012-present.
  6. Travel Grant, University of Pittsburgh, 2012, 2008
  7. Provost Development Dissertation Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2009-10
  8. Travel Grant, University College Dublin, March 2009
  9. Andrew Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh 2008-09
  10. Faculty of Arts and Sciences Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh 2006-07.
  11. Teaching Fellow Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2003-2006, 2007-08
  12. Andrew Mellow Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2002-03

Talks (* denotes invited)

  1. “Attention, Vision, and Practical Wisdom,” Institute for Human Flourishing Conference, October 2021
  2. “Anscombe on Negligence” University of Cape Town, Philosophy Faculty Colloquium*, May 2021
  3. “Anscombe on Negligence” Angelicum, Rome, Philosophy Faculty Colloquium Series*, May 2021
  4. “Anscombe on Negligence” Florida State University, Describing Human Action Conference*, April 2021
  5. “Human Flourishing, Sacrifice, and Suffering,” International Society of MacIntyrean Inquiry annual conference (moved online)*, July 2020.
  6. “Iris Murdoch and Flannery O’Connor on Vision, Transcendence, and Morality” University of Scranton, Humanities Forum*, March 2020
  7. “Iris Murdoch on Literature and Philosophy,” University of Chicago*, February 2020.
  8. “Human Flourishing, Sacrifice, and Suffering” keynote address, Jubilee Centre Annual Conference, Oriel College*, January 2020.
  9. “Elizabeth Anscombe on the Voluntary Character of Negligence,” ACPA annual meeting, Minneapolis, MN, November 2019
  10. “Elizabeth Anscombe on Negligence,” Georgetown University*, November 2019.
  11. “Aquinas and Anscombe on Action,” University of St. Thomas (Houston)*, September 2019.
  12. “Virtue and the Common Good,” Bamberg Universitat*, July 2019
  13. “Virtue and the Common Good,” Università degli Studi di Udine*, July 2019.
  14. “Anscombe on Practical Truth,” University of Pennsylvania*, April 2019.
  15. “Modern Moral Philosophy” Revisited,” Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture*, February 2019.
  16. “Aquinas on Temperance and the Common Good,” Blackfriars Oxford*, January 2019.
  17. “Aquinas on Happiness,” Duke University*, November 2018.
  18. “Being Good is Doing the Truth,” Columbia University*, October 2018.
  19. “Doing the Truth,” Universität Leipzig*, July 2018
  20. “Self-Transcendence and the Meaning of Life,” Coastal Carolina University*, Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values, April 2018.
  21. “Is Ethical Naturalism a Natural Law Theory?” Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, April 2018.
  22. Temperance: Self-Control as Self-Transcendence, New York University-Abu Dhabi*, March 2018.
  23. “Virtue and Meaning of Life,” Keynote speaker, Muslim-Christian workshop on philosophy, religion, and science, American University of Sharjah, March 2018.
  24. “Virtue and Happiness,” Keynote speaker, Muslim-Christian workshop on philosophy, religion, and science, American University of Sharjah*, March 2018.
  25. “GEM Anscombe and the Analogical Unity of Perception and Action,” workshop on action and perception, University of Chicago*, May 2018.
  26. “What does action theory have to do with ethics?” Keynote speaker for conference on Elizabeth Anscombe, University of Notre Dame*, January 2018.
  27. “Walker Percy and Southern Thomism,” Eastern Division APA (Savannah)*, January 2018.
  28. “Practical Reason and Practical Truth,” University of Pittsburgh, May 2017.
  29. “Self-Love and Self-Transcendence”, Keynote speaker for workshop on Happiness and Meaning in Life, University of Stockholm*, May 2017.
  30. “The Importance of Practical Truth,” Workshop on Practical Truth, University of South Carolina, April 2017.
  31. “Practical Knowledge and Practical Wisdom,” Oxford University, January 2017.
  32. “Practical Knowledge and Practical Wisdom,” Working group meeting for “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life,” University of South Carolina, December 2016.
  33. “Action, Practical Knowledge and the Good,” Workshop on Anscombe’s Intention, Florida State University*, December 2016.
  34. “How To Be An Ethical Naturalist,” Baylor University*, November 2016.
  35. “Temperance: Self-Control as Self-Transcendence,”Annual Meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, San Francisco, November 2016.
  36. “Action, Practical Knowledge, and the Good,” Tulane University*, September, 2016
  37. “Action, Practical Knowledge, and the Good,” Universität Leipzig*, July 2016.
  38. “Aquinas on Sin and Self-Love,” Working group meeting for “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life,” University of Chicago, June 2016.
  39. “Aquinas on Sin and Self-Love,”Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, June 2016.
  40. “Aquinas on Sin and Self-Love,” Center for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame*, May 2016.
  41. “Practical Knowledge and Double Effect,” Workshop on Negligence, Omissions, and Responsibility,” University of Birmingham*, UK, March 2016.
  42. “Happiness and Constitutivism in Thomas Aquinas,” Working group meeting for “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life” project, University of South Carolina, December 2015.
  43. “Action, Practical Knowledge, and the Good,” Northwestern University*, October 2015.
  44. “Action, Practical Knowledge, and the Good,” University of Tennessee-Knoxville, September 2015.
  45. “How To Be An Ethical Naturalist,”University of Auckland*, August 2015.
  46.  “Aquinas on the Distinction between Animate and Inanimate,” Mt. St. Mary College*, June 2015.
  47. “Anscombe on Practical Reason” American Catholic Philosophical Association Meeting*, October 2014.
  48. “How To Be An Ethical Naturalist”  Workshop on Philippa Foot’s ethical naturalism*, CSMN-Oslo, September 2014.
  49. “Against Autonomy” Universität Leipzig*, July 2014.
  50. “Against Autonomy” Yongsei University*, June 2014
  51. “Against Autonomy”  Saint Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality (SLACRR) St. Louis, May 2014
  52. “Practical Knowledge and Double Effect” University of Notre Dame*, March 2014
  53. “Nature, Virtue, and Happiness” Franciscan University Steubenville*, September 2013
  54.  “Why Freedom Requires Nature” Mt. St. Mary College*, June 2013
  55.  “How Universal Are Practically Rational Norms?” Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago, May 2013
  56.  “What is a Practically Rational Animal?”  University of Chicago*, University of South Carolina*, February 2013.
  57.  “Natural and Practical Normativity” Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago, October 2012
  58. “Was Leibniz an Egoist?” Early Modern Workshop*, University of Chicago, October 2012
  59.  “How To Be An Ethical Naturalist” Boston College, Mt. St. Mary’s University, Johns Hopkins University, February 2012
  60.  “Involuntary Rationality?” Virtue, Action, and Reason, University of Chicago, April 2011
  61. “The Relevance of Animality to Ethics” University College Dublin, March 2009
  62. “Two Assumptions About Norms” Universiteit Amsterdam, August 2008

Presentations and Seminars

  1. “Higher and More Loveable: The Nature and the Importance of the Common Good” Regent University, October 2021
  2. Yale Political Union Guest.  Resolution: Universities Should Teach Values not Skills, September 2021.
  3. “Virtue and Happiness,” Norwegian Philosophy Week, July 2021
  4. “On Mentorship in the Academy” AEI Faculty Retreat, San Diego, July 2021
  5. “Natural law and Virtue” Undergraduate Leadership Retreat, Thomistic Institute, Dominican House of Studies, July 2021
  6. “Contemplation and Friendship” Undergraduate Leadership Retreat, Thomistic Institute, Dominican House of Studies, July 2021
  7. Graduate Seminar on Attention, Contemplation, and Perception, Catholic University of America, June 2021
  8. “United by their Loves: Deciphering Augustine’s Understanding of a People,” Lumen Christi Institute (online panel), May 2021
  9. “What is the Purpose of Life? Classical and Contemporary Answers” Eastern Kentucky University Chautaauquaa Lecture Series (online), April 2021
  10. “From Rust Belt to Rome: The Conversion of a Working Class Atheist,” Hank Center Loyola Chicago (online), March 2021
  11. “The White Rose,” Plough Publishings (online panel), March 2021
  12. “The University in the time of Covid-19,” IHE (online panel), February, 2021
  13. “Illiberal Feminism: A Discussion with Leah Libresco,” Plough Publishing (online), December 2020
  14. “Fratelli Tutti: Engaging Pope Francis’s New Encyclical,” Lumen Christi Institute (online panel), October 2020
  15. “Friendship and Happiness: Insights from Aristotle and Aquinas” Thomistic Institute (online), October 2020
  16. “Hillbilly Thomism: Flannery O’Connor’s Vision of Grace,” Thomistic Institute, DHS, October 2020
  17. “Christians In Times of Catastrophe: Augustine’s City of God,” Lumen Christi Institute (online panel), June 2020
  18. “Imagination, Solitude, and the Oddities of Life,” Collegium Institute (online panel), June 2020
  19. “Anscombe on Chastity,” Anscombe Symposium (online), April 2020
  20. “Virtue and the Good Life” President’s Lecture, Mount Mercy University, March 2020
  21. Flannery O’Connor and the Vision of Grace, University Club of Chicago, February 2020.
  22. “What is Happiness?” Veritas Forum, University of Chicago, February 2020
  23. “Character and Virtue in the Academy” Plenary Address, Augustine Collective Conference, January 2020.
  24. Invited discussant, NOWAR, Tulane University, November 2019.
  25. “What is a Human Person?” Thomistic Institute, Washington, DC, October 2019.
  26. “What is Happiness?” Berry College, Lumen Lecture, October  2019.
  27. “Elizabeth Anscombe on Living the Truth,” Collegium Institute, April 2019.
  28. “Remarks on Pacifism” Rudy C. Barnes Symposium, University of South Carolina, April 2019.
  29. “Are We Really Happy?” Veritas Forum, Vanderbilt University, March 2019.
  30. Seminar on Aquinas, Thomistic Institute,Brown University, March 2019.
  31. “On Moral Truth,” Thomistic Institute, Brown University, March 2019.
  32. Commentator for plenary session of The South Carolina Society of Philosophy, March 2019.
  33. “What is Virtue?” Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia SC, January 2019.
  34. “The Catastrophe of the Self: Walker Percy on Sin and Transcendence,” The Catholic Information Center, Washington, DC, December 2018.
  35. “On Sin and Evil,” Thomistic Institute, UT-Austin, September 2018
  36. Elizabeth Anscombe on Living the Truth,” public lecture for the Lumen Christi Institute, University of Chicago, May 2018.
  37. “Aquinas on Sin, Suffering, and Evil,” Thomistic Institute, University of Maryland College Park.
  38. “Goals: Life Hacks or Moral Virtues?” Veritas Forum, Yale, April 2018.
  39. Virtue and Happiness, guest lecturer in graduate seminar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, February 2018.
  40. Comments on Russell Devlin, “Developmentalism and Practical Knowledge,” Eastern Division Meeting APA (Savannah), January 2018.
  41. “Quid Est Veritas? On Truth and the Moral Life,” Thomistic Institute, University of South Carolina, October 2017.
  42. “Quid Est Veritas? On Truth and the Moral Life,” Thomistic Institute, Tulane University, October 2017.
  43. Participant and presenter, workshop on distributivism, Wake Forest University, August 2017.
  44. Faculty leader for summer seminar, “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life,”  University of Chicago, June 2017.
  45. Commentator on Anselm Mueller’s “Is Anscombe’s Practical Truth a Chimera?”, University of South Carolina, April 2017.
  46. Participant in panel debate, “Happiness Without Religion?” NYU Catholic Center, September 2016.
  47. Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life,” Humanities Day lecture, University of Chicago, Fall 2015.
  48. Faculty leader for summer seminar, “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life,” University of Notre Dame, June 2016.
  49. Chair for author meets critic session on Richard Kraut’s Against Absolute Goodness, Central Division Meeting APA (Chicago), February 2014
  50. Chair for session on T. M. Scanlon’s “Ideas of the Good in Moral and Political Philosophy” Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics, University of Arizona, January 2014
  51. Anscombe on Practical Reasoning, guest lecturer in graduate seminar, Florida State University, October 2014
  52. Commentator at Workshop on Practical Knowledge and Wisdom in Aristotle, Aquinas, and Anscombe, Pontifical Gregorian University, June 2012
  53. Commentator at St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, University of St. Louis-Missouri and Washington University, May 2012
  54. “In Defense of Anscombian Naivete” Dissertation Workshop, University of Pittsburgh, April 2010
  55. Commentator at Pittsburgh/Carnegie-Mellon graduate student conference, 2008


University of South Carolina:

  1. Study Abroad Honors: Summer 2019
  2. Honors Medical Ethics: Fall 2018, Spring 2019.
  3. Contemporary Moral Issues, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, and Spring 2017
  4. Moral Theory, Spring 2014, Fall 2018.
  5. Senior Seminar: Reflections on Evil, Fall 2014
  6. Graduate Seminar: Action and Virtue, Fall 2016.
  7. Directed Graduate Independent study: Aquinas on Law, Spring 2019; Wisdom, Fall 2017, Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations, Fall 2015; Action Theory, Spring 2014.

University of Chicago

1.  Human Being and Citizen, Fall, Winter, Spring 2012-13

University of Pittsburgh:

As Independent Instructor

  1. Philosophy of Religion, Summer 2010
  2. Introduction to Ethics, Summer 2008, Fall 2007
  3. Introduction to Philosophical Problems, Spring and Summer 2005

As Teaching Assistant

  1. Introduction to Ethics, Spring 2008, Fall 2006, Fall 2003
  2. Political Philosophy, Fall 2005
  3. Introduction to Philosophical Problems (Writing intensive), Spring 2004

Senior Thesis Direction

Director: Haley McClelland (2017)

Director: Andrew C. Dunton (2019)

Director: Yash Verma (2020)

Second reader: Mitchel Johansson (2019)

Second reader: Joshua Ranta (2019)

Second reader: Caroline Van Son (2020)

Dissertation Committees

Member: John Bauer, Brandon Boesch, Hyun-Jeong Kang, and Adam Omelianchuk.

External Member: Michael Regan, Maynooth University.

MA committees

External Member: Christopher Rowe-Spencer, The University of New South Wales.

Academic Service

Journal Referee: American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, American Philosohical Quarterly, Analysis Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Dialectica, Ergo, Erkenntnis, European Journal of Philosophy, Hypatia, Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Journal of Value Inquiry, Kleiss, Mind, Nous, Philosopher’s ImprintPhilosophical Papers, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Quarterly of Israel Res Philosophica, and Social Theory and Practice.

Press Referee:  Oxford University Press, 2015-present,  Catholic University of America Press, 2014-present, Routledge, 2017.

Referee for SLACRR: 2015, 2019

Member of Advisory Board for The Human Flourishing Project at Harvard University.

Member of the Board of Academic Advisors for the Classic Learning Test

Professional Associations: American Philosophical Association, American Catholic Philosophical Association, Society for Christian Philosophers, Academy of Catholic Theology

Nominating Committee, ACPA (2019)

Member of the Executive Committee, SCP (2020-present)

Program Committee, ACPA (2020)

University of South Carolina:

  1. Steering Committee Member, Humanities Collaborative (2020-present)
  2. Co-organizer of workshop on Elizabeth Anscombe, Athens, June 2019.
  3. Faculty leader for Thomistic Institute Chapter (2018-present)
  4. Member of job search committee, 2018-19.
  5. Principal organizer of workshop on Practical Truth, 2017.
  6. Member of Graduate Committee, 2016-present.
  7. Graduate Placement Director, 2017.
  8. Participant in Faculty Seminar on Values and the Modern University, 2016-present.
  9. Member of COVE (communicating our value effectively) faculty working group, a college wide initiative to promote the liberal arts on campus, 2016-2017.
  10. Member of Graduate Research Grant Review Committee, 2015-2017.
  11. Mentor and member of steering committee for The Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy, 2014-2017.
  12. Member of Undergraduate Committee, Philosophy Department, 2013-16.
  13. Editor of USC Philosophy Department Newsletter, 2014-2015.

University of Chicago

  1. Principal organizer of workshop, “Practical Knowledge and Practical Wisdom in  Aristotle, Aquinas, and Anscombe,” Pontifical Gregorian University, June 2012
  2. Organizer of symposium, “Irony and Humanity,” University of Chicago, April 2012
  3. Organizer of symposium,  “Aquinas on Evil,” University of Chicago, April 2012
  4. Co-organizer of conference, “Virtue, Action, and Reason,” University of Chicago, April 2011

University of Pittsburgh:

  1. Faculty/Student Colloquium Chair, University of Pittsburgh, 2008-2009
  2. Referee of papers for Pittsburgh/Carnegie-Mellon graduate student conference, 2008-2009
  3. Job Search Committee member, University of Pittsburgh, 2006-2007
  4. Librarian, Adolf Grünbaum Reading Room, University of Pittsburgh, 2003-2005


French (reading knowledge) Latin (reading knowledge) German (reading knowledge) Italian (reading knowledge)