In addition to my teaching  and research, I regularly write and speak for non-academic audiences.

  1. I have a podcast, Sacred and Profane Love, in which I explore questions about love, happiness, and meaning in life as depicted in influential works of philosophy, literature, poetry, and film. You can read about the podcast here.
  2. A lecture for the Collegium Institute on Elizabeth Anscombe.
  3. Paris Without her Cathedral” in The Point magazine.
  4. On Moral Truth” Thomistic Institute Podcast.
  5. A lecture in London for the Royal Institute of Philosophy on Elizabeth Anscombe.
  6. How to be Happy in 2019!” Pints with Aquinas podcast.
  7. The Catastrophe of the Self: Walker Percy on Sin, Self-Knowledge, and Transcendence” Thomistic Institute Podcast.
  8. “Aquinas on Happiness”, Duke Arete Center.
  9. What is the Purpose of Life? Classical and Contemporary Answers” Thomistic Institute Podcast.
  10. To Be Good is to Do the Truth” Thomistic Institute podcast.
  11. Happiness is not Self-help,” The Veritas Forum podcast.
  12. A recording of a lecture titled, “Aquinas on Sin, Suffering, and Evil” delivered at The University of Maryland, College Park.
  13. A public lecture on Elizabeth Anscombe at the University of Chicago.
  14. A recent interview.
  15. An event at Yale University with Professor Laurie Santos: “Goals: Life Hacks, Moral Virtues, and the Desire for Happiness.”  You can watch the livestream feed here.
  16. An essay on the rationality of morality for Big Questions Online.
  17. A recording of a lecture for a general audience at the University of South Carolina, “Quid Est Veritas?
  18. A recording of a public debate, “Happiness without Religion?” at NYU: my lecture and response. (NB: my voice is strained due to illness)
  19. A joint lecture at Humanities Day at the University of Chicago about the project, “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life.”
  20. Episode 2, Rather Be Reading podcast, The Point magazine, on sexual harassment and the early phase of the #metoo phenomenon.
  21. A podcast on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, recorded at the University of Chicago.